Influences of Technology on Modern Art

Influences of Technology on Modern ArtArt has been around for as long as humanity has been making tools. The two skills grew together out of the same exceedingly creative human mind. In this way, art and technology are inextricably linked together, evolving together even if they are not evolving on exactly the same path.

As technology evolves, our lives and the world around us changes. As our lives and world change, so to do our expressions (both what we express and how we express it). In modern art, we can see this link more powerfully than ever as new technologies offer an even wider range of mediums which artists can use.

The turn of the 20th century, for example, saw major shifts in artistic mediums. It was at this time that photography was invented and with that came a whole new way of representing the world around us. Around that same time, film also emerged providing artists for the first time in history the ability to create moving pictures. This changed the scope of what could be expressed. No longer was the artist limited to expressing a single emotion or a single moment in time. With film, the artist can tell a story or show a more complex and detailed perspective of a single moment and emotion. The possibilities were endless.

Later on, the computer came into being and brought a slew of new technologies and abilities including digital media and the ability to digitally manipulate photographs and other images. This meant that there was no longer a clear distinction between representing the real through creative production (painting, drawing, etc) and depicting the real through objective mediums (photography, film, etc). Now, one could take a photograph of a real scene and manipulate to look however he or she chose. Continue reading “Influences of Technology on Modern Art” »

Differences between Art and Craft

Differences between Art and CraftAll too often, art and craft are seen as the same thing. Today, you will even find the phrases combined into the generalized hobby of “arts & crafts.” Despite this common perception, however, art and craft are two very distinct forms of human creativity. Each have their own, unique strengths and specialties.

In a nutshell, one could describe the differences between art and craft as follows:

  • Art is the use of various tools and materials in order to express an idea, emotion, or set of ideas and emotions.
  • Craft is the use of various tools and materials with the sole purpose of creating a real, tangible product.

However, this distinction is too brief and nonspecific so let’s dive deeper into the unique characteristics of each one.


Artists, art historians, and art critics will all give you different answers to the troublesome question of “what is art?” These widely different definitions are part of what makes art so wonderful. It is a boundless medium of expression that can take on many different forms and meanings the imagination and conjure up. It is precisely this boundlessness which makes it so difficult to define. Continue reading “Differences between Art and Craft” »

New Seven Wonders of the World

The world today is filled with many wonderful from natural formations that leave you speechless to magnificent feats of human ingenuity. People have been exploring and wondering over the many awe-inspiring sites in the world for centuries. In fact, it was the ancient Greeks who began the tradition of identifying the Seven Wonders of the World. That is, those sites which are so wondrous and inspiring that one should visit them if he or she wants to have a truly profound experience. Of course, for the ancient Greeks the “world” consisted entirely of the Mediterranean region. For that reason, the list has been modified over time to include wonders from all over the world.

The Original Seven Wonders of the World

The list created by the ancient Greeks included many ancient wonders that are no longer here today. There were many amazing architectural constructions and artistic creations whose splendor we can only imagine today. The list included:

  1. The Colossus of Rhodes: a 100 foot tall statue of Helios (a Greek Titan).
  2. The Lighthouse of Alexandria: a 400 foot tall lighthouse that once guided the ships coming into the largest port in Egypt.
  3. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon: a magnificent and magical botanical garden
  4. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
  5. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
  6. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
  7. The Great Pyramids of Giza

Of those original seven, only one (the Great Pyramids of Giza) still exists today. Therefore, it became necessary to create an updated list of wonders, reflecting the monuments and sites that still remain. The lists have changed frequently over the years and even become more specific. Today, we have lists spanning the wonders to be found in all of existence—from the seven wonders of the natural world to the seven wonders of the industrial world. There is even a list of the seven wonders of the solar system! Continue reading “New Seven Wonders of the World” »

Impact Of Sport On Human Society

Impact Of Sport On Human SocietySports are a part of human society. They can be perceived as battle, in some cases, performed weekly for the masses to see. There is no doubt that these athletes and the sports they represent have become important to the spectators that enjoy watching them. While it may sound like sports are something that is easily written off, something that doesn’t matter to everyone, these displays of virility actually have a positive impact on the society. They help to form bonds across socio-economic groups as well as helps to promote a more active lifestyle for those who may not be overly active to begin with.

How does sports in general promote a culture of fitness? That is simple, athletes that take part in these events must be in good health by some degree. They have to be able to perform the tasks whether through endurance, strength, or, most often, a combination of both. That means they have to take care of their bodies to be able to do this. In turn, the people who view them during their weekly matches strive to be like their idols. They too are more likely to get off the couch and live a more active lifestyle and eat healthier foods because their favorite athlete does as well. They are role models for those fans, whether they want to be or not.

People want to be in as good of shape as the sports heroes they see on television. That encourages them to get up and do something about it. Hiking is a way that we sports enthusiasts can connect. We get outside and work on our endurance skills by taking on trail after trail. It gives us the same rush that sports athletes get every time they hit the field, it releases the same endorphins.

A good example of athletes becoming role models is when the American society has been classified as a whole being nationally passionate about sports. It is often joked that this pastime being so important that it is a “second religion” to many people. As an appropriate allegory, these athletes then become the saints of the sport, the people that spectators want to model their lives after. As with all saints, when these athletes do something that is considered shameful, the quickly fall from grace in both their professional and public lives.

Sports is something all can bond over, despite the differences in social or economic circles. You don’t have to be rich, well educated, or come from a good home to enjoy sports. You don’t have to be refined or crass to be a rabid spectator. All walks of life find themselves staring at the television rooting on their favorite team. All fans, no matter their background, wants to be in the stands during an exciting game and they don’t care if they are sitting next to someone of the same social standing as they are, so long as they are a rabid fan rooting for their team, of course. For a moment, at least, there is no worry about who has more than whom. There is no comparison, no socio-economic struggle. There is just a group of people enjoying a game.

Some people see sports as an art. It takes time, dedication, and talent to get as far as professional sport. The plays put out on the field are nothing short of a master piece. The coaches are taking their best people and turning them in to something that makes spectators sit back in awe of. The quarterback throwing a perfect spiral, completing the pass to a receiver even though he is surrounded by defensive backs is a picture perfect example. The graceful golf swing that causes the ball to soar down the fairway, straight as an arrow with no divots has majesty to it. The spectacular fast ball pitched right over the plate, nothing short of amazing.

Take a still shot of those moments in the mind. They are breath taking to a fan. The look and feel of the players as they complete the perfect shot can be intoxicating and invigorating to fans. It is something that they will remember long after their team has won or lost. It is an art all of its own, a ballet of sorts.Spectators have gotten to where they expect those beautiful shots, tosses, hits. When they don’t see them, they describe it as an ugly game. They see the beauty in what to anyone else would be considered just a throw or just a hit.

While the athletes are the ones that must complete the picturesque scenes, the coaches are the real artists. They are the choreographers that pull it all together. Like an artist at the canvas, coaches paint the picture that will win them the game. They blend their best players, or colors, in order to come up with the beauty that is a sports game.

Sports has both positive and negative impacts on our society. While many people are encouraged when they see their players doing well, there is also the downside. Some players do bad things, set bad examples for those who would look up to them. Sometimes they get a lesser penalty than the average person because of their status as an athlete. It can set a bad standard for an impressionable fan who sees that their idol has done something wrong, they didn’t get into much trouble so the fan can then do it too. It doesn’t happen that often, but it can and does happen.

It’s obvious that sports in general have an important impact on our society. Sports is one of the few things that transcends socio-economic status and brings people together. It encourages people to get off their couches and exercise. By encouraging activity it helps build a healthier society. While it may seem only sports enthusiasts could bond over this activity, in reality, many people can see the beauty and art in the way sports are played. The forms and actions are a work of art that anyone can enjoy.

A New Outdoor Activity

A New Outdoor ActivityArt is my first love, but art can be a very interior and solitary pursuit. When I need a break from viewing, creating and discussing works of art, I have taken to turning to a physical activity to help clear my mind and give me balance. This usually takes the form of martial arts, as they are amazing at precisely giving this focus and balance or even to weight training, but I think that there may be some benefit to trying something new at this point in the game for me.

I have recently started considering taking up an additional sport that is more outdoor orientated. I think that the fresh air could do me good, and I want to connect with the natural world. The thing is that until recently I had not decided exactly which one I want to try. I was completely lost, to be honest. There are so many options, like canoeing, hiking, horseback riding and archery. But, they are all really outside my realm of knowledge. I want to avoid something that has a high start up cost or requires obtaining a lot of equipment through purchase or rental. Of the ones above, this seems to leave hiking and archery.

I have been hiking a couple of times before. I enjoyed it and it is probably by far the cheapest and easiest to begin, but I do not think that it would be something that I would stick to over the long term. Archery, however, has piqued my interest lately. I am not even really sure why. It does involve buying a recurve bow and paying for some lessons, but I think that this is well within the realm of possibility for me.

I have some some research on how to get started and what one needs to become and archer. It seems straight forward enough. And, I have actually even decided on what my first bow will be. It’s a Samick Sage bow. Not only is it well reviewed, but the price Is reasonable as well. I actually think that it is beautiful. Until seeing it, I didn’t really ever consider that bows or arrows could be beautiful, but this one really is great looking and I am excited about receiving it.

It seems like the next step is contacting the local group of archery enthusiasts about finding someone to teach me. I hope that they are willing to help, because I really am getting excited about this enterprise.  I really think that it could be a great addition to my routine of martial arts training and lifting because it is something new and unexpected. I am pretty sure they will be helpful. My experience is that groups like his are usually really excited about sharing their knowledge and interests.

Here’s hoping, and maybe I can provide an update on my experience learning to shoot a bow and arrow at some point in the future. I’m going to focus on getting better first, however.

Family Time

Family TimeThis past week, I spent the day with my family. My mom and dad invited us all over for dinner at their house and we had pot roast. There is nothing that says dinner with the family like pot roast, and my dad makes one of the best. I even manage to talk about an art show I saw at the local museum recently to the mild interest of the people at the table. No telling if they would  actually ever think to go to it themselves though.

After we had filled up on dinner, we all decided to watch the football game. I’m not a huge football fan and this game was a rerun from earlier, so my dad already knew the final score but it was sill a fun occasion. Even mom joined in on watching with all of us. I do have to say, however, that we didn’t really watch the game very closely. At one point, I came back from getting a drink from the fridge to find that the score had changed and most of the third quarter was dedicated to my dad discussing his  favorite thing in the world, hunting.

There is not a single time I can remember where my dad has not worked hunting into the conversation somehow. He really has a one track mind about it, and it’s actually kind of humorous sometimes. This time, he was excited because he felt that he had just found and bought the nicest hunting rangefinder. He is absolutely convinced that this little device will make him a deer-finding machine.

Of course he showed it off to all of us and we all gave our requisite “Ooh”s and “Aah”s. Well, except for mom, who had disappeared into the mud room to do some straightening up at that point. I’m pretty sure this was calculated on her part. I know both of my parents pretty well, and I guarantee that she had already been given a full demonstration of dad’s new toy earlier in the day and didn’t want to hear the pitch again.

Just when he was getting really into it, the fourth quarter of the game got exciting again, which kind of limited dad’s ability to extol the virtues of his hunting equipment. Like I said, football is not really my thing, and I actually had to have some of the finer points regarding a penalty explained to me. So, I felt a little lost and silly at points, but I guess that at least I learned something new. Overall, I was pretty proud that I could keep up with a sport hat I have always liked but thought had exceedingly complicated rules and inexplicable formations and plays.

Overall it was a fun game with a lot of quality time with the family. Of course, pot roast is always a plus and I have to admit that I enjoyed playing with dad’s rangefinder. Football, however, is still an inexplicable mystery to me.

Unleashing Creativity on a Digital Piano

Unleashing Creativity on a Digital PianoListening to music is one of the best ways to get creative juices flowing for many artists, but some visual artists who are not musically trained want to extend that creativity to actually learning how to play an instrument as an adult. This can be done either by taking lessons from a private teacher or, less commonly, in a group course or through self study. It also means that people have to make a decision on what instrument to learn. Obviously, the guitar and piano are the most popular instruments to learn and there are almost unlimited resources for these two instruments. Maybe partially because of this, figuring out where to start and what to buy can be overwhelming.

I recently decided to take the plunge and learn how to play the piano myself. So, I thought that this post could be a good place to share a little bit about what I learned on the topic of buying a digital piano for my readers. I hope that this is helpful for those hoping to take up music as well and that it is a good guide.

The Benefits of a Digital Piano

Upright and grand pianos take up a good bit of room and space is at a premium for most people. But, of course, most people still want something that looks like a quality piece. Digital pianos are great in this situation because they are small, but they also look expensive and stylish. Of course, there are many options and models of digital pianos, so a website like Piano Report is an essential resource for anyone seriously in the market for a digital piano.

Options and Factors

I learned from my shopping experience that buying a digital piano is a highly personal experience. Ever one goes into the process with a different set of wants and needs. Having said this, there are some basic things that everyone should consider in the early stages of looking. These basic considerations include the cost, size and the overall look of the digital piano. But, there other factors to consider as well.

After that, the single most obvious difference in all of the models concerns the various effects that come programmed  into digital piano. These effects are not the only electronic aspects to be aware, however. People also should be aware of the sound quality and overall tone and what the options are for recording and saving music. Finally, the warranty and service agreements may also be something to ask about


Learning music is a joy, and it is different for each person. As a consequence, there is a huge variety of models available. This mean that it is essential to come to the table with some research and a clear idea of what you wan before you make a purchase. As a personal note, now that I have a digital piano, I have really enjoyed learning to play and practicing my limited repertoire.

Dreams and Dress Design

Dreams and Dress DesignSo, one of the benefits about having an interest in the arts is that you meet and become friends with all sorts of creative people. One of my dearest friends is an aspiring fashion designer. While she has always sewed, this is a bit of a career change for her as she used to work in a hotel. Now, she is just starting her last year in a program in design and she is already working on her looks for her senior show. She is way ahead of the game, but she told me that she wants to get a head start.

Anyway, I have seen a few of her sketches over the years, and I have always been impressed by them though my knowledge of fashion is fairly limited. She also has a small sewing room at the back of her house, and the last time that I was over for dinner (I go fairly regularly), she invited me back to take a look at what she was working on. I think that I have maybe been in her sewing room once before, but I was still surprised at just how much fabric and the notions dress forms, hangers, racks, serger, ironing board and sewing machine she had managed to cram into that tiny little room.

Her creative energy was obviously in full force, and it was also obvious that she was in the middle of the construction of a new design judging from all the scraps of fabric sitting around. I asked her about how she designed and what her construction process was like. She actually had to think about it a minute but then she proceeded to give me a very detailed response and even showed me a little  little bit about how to sew on her serger. She told me that it was a Janome Mylock and that it was her newest addition to her sewing room and was her current pride and joy. Of course, I got a mini demonstration about how it worked.

Her clothing looks beautiful. She is not sure that she is actually going to use any of it in the final show, but I think she is already fairly certain of the overall look that she wants to create. Like I said, she is way ahead of the game. She is too busy to even think straight right now and I’m actually surprised and pleased she came up for air long enough to even have dinner with me. But, when she has more free time I think that I may ask her to make a jacket for me. I would even be willing to pay her for her work.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see her show and her career come together. She has enough talent that I rally think that she will succeed.  In the meantime, I hope that she lets be get a peak at her design sketchbook or in her sewing room every once in a while.

Introducing Children To Longboarding

Introducing Children To LongboardingMy friend was complaining about his kid being glued to video games 24/7. Nowadays technology has brought everything to your finger tips that there is hardly ever a need to venture out for anything. Kids can now play any sport of their choice sitting at home with their video games. It is certainly a sad state the kids are in. You can hardly find anything more attractive than the video games to lure them outside. Then I thought of how my nephew loved longboarding and suggested it to my friend.

Longboarding unlike skateboarding is easy to learn. All you need is to cruise down a road and enjoy the speed and exhilaration. It is undoubtedly the best hobby to lure kids from their technical toys. Once they get the hang of it, they’ll start enjoying it and become more interested in being outdoors.

When you buy a longboard for your kid, ensure that you research about the size, price and features. Click here for longboard reviews. You also need to take into account your kid’s preferences.

A longboard is essentially just like a skateboard only much longer. While skateboards are used on ramps and along pipes, longboards are used mostly for downhill bombing, moving from one point to another or just cruising about. The length makes them heavier and not the right weight for doing much of the tricks that you see kids doing on skateboards.

Longboarding is compared more to surfing and is called as landsurfing or concrete surfing. You can make big turns or quick carves like surfers do on the waves.

While longboarding was derived from surfing way back in 1950’s, its origin is linked to Southern California, while some believe that it was introduced first in Hawaii.

The gear for long boarding is simple and just like skateboarding. You need a helmet and gloves at the basic level. For beginners, padding on the wrist, elbow and knees is recommended, while longboarders taking part in competitions wear special gloves for protecting their hands.

Longboards are usually 35 to 60 inches long and a shorter board is also called as longboard, if it is used for cruising, travel or downhill racing. You get all kinds of shapes in longboards ranging from flat nosed models and pin tails to boards that are of the shorter variety.

Wheels in the longboard are considerably larger than those in the skateboard. The large size makes lesser friction and enables a fast and smooth ride, when compared to the skateboard which has small sized wheels that need to spin fast to get a similar speed as the longboard. And further small wheels can get stuck in the rocks, cracks or sticks present in the roads or sidewalks. With a large sized wheel, this does not happen much and the wheels roll over the hurdles easily.

The decks are usually built by the owners themselves, according to their preferences. The decks are made of bamboo, foam core or fiberglass. You can browse online to get the right material and quality of each component and make a long board on your own.

Gaining A Fit And Toned Body Without Visiting A Gym

Gaining A Fit And Toned Body Without Visiting A GymOne of my friends had unfortunately fallen for a weight loss diet he saw online. Instead of losing weight, he lost some of his hard earned money and his confidence too. Seeing all those ads promising instant weight loss does make you crave for such a miracle. But when you do use the products, you’ll find out that all the promises are false and just a way to fool you. Getting in shape is not such an easy task. You need to do the necessary workouts and follow the right diet to keep your weight in check and get fit.

For a total body workout, you have two options. One is joining a gym and the other is using fitness equipment at home. I use power rack to get an all body workout. I recommended it to my friend and he decided to try this option. One of the big advantages of having gym equipment set up at home is the convenience you get. You can spend more time doing the exercises and focus more effectively. Home gyms have risen in popularity in recent times because of the various benefits they offer over a regular gym.

While health clubs have a definite edge with their planned workouts and regulated equipment, and not to mention the inspiration you get from seeing others workout like you, a home gym gives you flexibility which is very important, especially if you have an erratic and busy work schedule.

With a health club, you need to wait in line for using the equipment and pay expensive membership fees. I prefer working out early in the morning, when the air is fresh and untouched by the polluting vehicles. Since I have a busy schedule, I could not afford the extra time taken to drive to and from the health club. I take my workouts seriously and try to burn out as many calories as possible and strengthen as many muscles as possible. So the home gym seemed the best choice and a practical one too.

Setting up a gym at home is not a difficult task. You need to consider the space first. I have my equipment in the basement of my home. But if the place is damp or dark, avoid it as it will not give the right atmosphere for your workouts. You can also use a spare room or the den in your home. The main thing to look for is the proper ventilation and lighting in the space you choose. If you want to catch up with the current affairs and news updates, keeping a television in the room is a good option. If you find that the space is very restricting, you can choose equipment that does not take up much space.

While you buy the equipment ensure that they are of good quality. The machines should also meet the objectives you’ve regarding your fitness schedule. Try not to be taken in by the flashy adverts and buy only well-built and effective equipment. Cheap equipment will not last long and make your sessions a big headache. Research well, before you buy the equipment.

Why Combat Sports Is Good For Children

Why Combat Sports Is Good For ChildrenOne morning when I was out for my usual jogging round in the park, I noticed my neighbor waiting outside the local gym. His son was taking martial arts training at the gym. With the opinion on teaching martial arts and boxing for children being varied, I wanted to know how much his son had benefited from the training. My neighbor was all praises for the martial arts training, as his son had developed some really good qualities after joining the classes.

Being a martial arts enthusiast, I’m all for kids getting trained in it. Martial art does not teach just physical discipline alone. It gives a deeper and more meaningful expression of the self.  Certain sections of the society including certain organizations consisting of pediatricians have opposed boxing training for kids citing that boxing and mixed martial arts condone violence and may harm the kids. But I think that these sports teach children self-defense to children and they need to put in hard work and much dedication to become skilled in the sport. This develops in them the necessary characteristics for succeeding in their career and other aspects of life.

One of the main reasons cited by the protestors is that the participants can get injured during the training and competition. In boxing the rate of injury is as much as you get in football, wrestling or soccer, so isolating boxing or martial arts alone is not right. Boxing can be done safely, if the proper protective gear is worn including head gear, safe gloves and proper knee pads and boots. Though boxing is inherently a violent sport, amateur boxing, when done with the right protective gear, protects the kids form grievous head injuries, which is a main cause of concern among the opposing associations.

In amateur boxing the kids are allowed to practice on heavy bag and speed bag, and are taught foot movement, strength training and heavy conditioning in addition to sparring. The proper safety measures to follow are also taught. There are also rules that allow them to box only against kids of their age and weight.

For children who are shy, introverted and lack self-confidence teaching combat sports is very beneficial as the training builds self-esteem and makes them survive the tough workouts and emerge proud in their accomplishment. For hyper energetic kids too, the combat sports form a good outlet for honing the vast energy they possess towards a positive output. They get to learn discipline and train excellently, which not only helps them in excelling in the sport, but also helps in their studies and future success.

When compared to team sports like soccer and football, boxing and martial arts teach respect, humility and honor, while the team sports help you to cooperate with others. Combat sports also teach personal responsibility, which helps a lot in real life situations.

Though combat sports have their own share of drawbacks, the physical and mental benefits they offer far outweighs the risks, and parents should know about the pros and cons, so they prepare their kids well and take the necessary safety measures like proper head gear, gloves etc., click here for reviews, so the risks are minimized.

These Boots Were Made for Walking

These Boots Were Made for WalkingPhysical activity is as important as artistic and intellectual activity, as has been addressed in a couple of other posts already. In the process of learning about the physical world and exercise, people can better learn about themselves. What I have learned is that simply walking and hiking are wonderful activities to stay fit and to take time to think and contemplate life. Walking is the gateway to physical well being for so many people.

It is a natural, stress free way to get moving and feel better, and it is flexible. I can walk anywhere, and it gives be time to think. It can be either relaxing or challenging depending on my pace and the terrain. As I have been moving more into hiking and trekking, it’s been a perfect fit for my lifestyle.

Since it has been summer and early fall recently, I have been doing quite a bit of walking and hiking in the past couple of months, and I have been wearing through my boots really rapidly in the process. My current pair has nearly worn through in one place on the sole, and the seams are coming apart in another.

I’m sure they are no longer effectively waterproofed because of this. Basically, they have had it, and I am really gong to have to replace them soon. Rather than buying a basic pair of hiking boots at the local sporting good store to replace them, I think that I may try something completely different. There is this great site online called Combat Boots Pro that reviews all sorts of different hiking boots, combat boots and tactical boots. The styles range from pretty military looking to boots that look more hiking orientated to some pretty stylish pairs that go up to the knee.

Now, I am not really a military type, and my time hiking is more about appreciating nature than anything. Having said this, I can see when something works. These boots seem to work, and I think that they would be a great help to my (almost) daily treks.

One of the things that I like about going the combat boot route is that they are not only unusual, but they are also built to last in all sorts of terrain. They seem like they could be a great solution for someone like me who wears through regular boots quickly. I am really in the market for shoes lately, I realize. But these will serve a great purpose for me.

Style and the Art of Motorcycle Boots

Style and the Art of Motorcycle BootsI am going to talk about fashion for a bit in this post. Fashion is one of the greatest expressions of creativity and useable art that there is. Every person defines their individual style and, in so doing, produces himself or herself as someone to be viewed aesthetically. Some people are more aware of this than others, but everyone does it to one degree or another.

I find this entire process really liberating and interesting. It is incredible the different style senses that people can have. This is true of even the same person from day to day. Style can range from cardigans and pearls to lace and stilettos to studs and leather.

One of the most distinct types of style, however, is the style associated with particular sports and activities. I think that this is because style has to conform to not just personal taste but also meet some pretty stringent functional requirements. Even more, sports are often really associated with particular groups, teams, brands etc., which shape how we perceive them and make us identify them (and ourselves) with a particular group.

I think that some of the reason I am thinking of this is that I have been on the market for a new pair of boots lately. I know that this is pretty banal sounding, but it is what brought me to this line of thought. I was considering buying a pair of motorcycle boots because they look “edgy” and I came across a site called, which has some amazing styles.

What I noticed though is that they “edgy” boots I think of are the black, studded, leather boots, but there is also a far more graphic style of boots that are used in motor cross and dirt bike riding.  I was not at all aware that other types of riding had such different styles of gear. A good example of this different style can be found in these O’Neal Motorcycle boots.

I got to thinking about what the different styles of boots mean to how different types of riders use their equipment. Even more than that, these boots seem to represent a different self-perception in the wearer than I was expecting. They are taller and more overtly protective. They are also bright and bold and youthful.

I really find the design of sports gear. It is fascinating how a good designer or company can merge form and function and these brands are often at the forefront of fabric and construction technologies.

I still haven’t decided on which pair of boots to buy, but this was an interesting topic to explore for a bit.