5 Interesting facts about the Inuit

5 Interesting facts about the InuitThe Inuit are the native people who inhabit the Arctic region of the world. While the Inuit have been around for centuries now, the rest of the world still knows very little of these brave people, who survive in the harshest of weather conditions on the planet.

Indeed, the world does not know much about these people, beyond the fact that they live in igloos, wear hooded fur coats and yield large harpoons.

Here, we will take a look at five fascinating facts about the Inuit that you probably didn’t know:

  • The name Inuit

While the term Eskimo is used across the world to denote the people who live in the harsh snowy conditions of the north, the term is considered to be derogatory.

The Inuit is an accepted and politically correct name which is used by many of the people themselves.

Contrary to popular understanding, Inuit is a plural term which refers to a group of individuals. A single individual is called an Inuk.

  • The diet of the Inuit

5 Interesting facts about the InuitThe Inuit are excellent hunters and they can capture almost any wild animal for food. Traditionally, the diet of the Inuit consisted of narwhals, seals, walruses, caribous, fish, birds and sometimes even polar bears.

While the Inuit have an extremely meat intensive diet, they are also counted amongst the healthiest races in the world. However, with a shift in demographics and access to western food, the diet of the Inuit is slowly shifting towards westernized foods.

  • The Qallupilluk

Every race and every culture has a mythical beast, which is feared terribly. The Qallupilluk refers to the monster of the Inuit, which has been used to instil some fear in the hearts of young children.

The Qallupilluk allegedly refers to a twisted form of a human, who would wait underwater and drag unsuspecting victims down for food.

  • The kayak

The kayak (like the ones you can see at http://www.kayakouch.com/) was originally designed and developed by the Inuit in order to paddle through the harsh waters of the Arctic region.

The kayak is a fine example of the ingenuity of the Inuit. The design of the paddle boat is so unique and dependable that kayaking has become a popular worldwide sport today.

  • The economic conditions

While the Inuit have enjoyed a good past, today with intense legislations and the quick progress of modern life, most of the Inuit are in a state of poverty. This is similar to what has happened to a number of nomadic tribes such as the American Indians and the Australian Aborigines.

However, the harsh regions of the north still have plenty of resources and the Inuit are the only tough people who survive there. As such, they may still see a future which is somewhat bright.

The world definitely needs to know more about these fascinating people who have been surviving out in the wild for centuries with ease. The Inuit are one of the healthiest and the bravest tribes in the world, who have quite a lot to offer to others. Proof of this is the fact that their invention, the kayak is used widely all over the world.