meArtiste.tv is dedicated to everything arts and culture. All the latest news about cultural heritage sites around the world can be found here as well as the regularly updated blog postings from me, Connor, detailing his latest exploits as he travels the world and discovers untold beauty and secrets. I absorb as much as I can from the places I visit and in my blog you will find detailed information about every aspect of the many different and exciting cultures I may stumble upon, some of which are:

  • Traditions
  • Attitudes and perspectives
  • Historical monuments
  • Sacred art
  • Religion
  • Poetry
  • Art exhibitions
  • Crafts of all kinds
  • Sports
  • Technology

There is beauty in absolutely everything and it is Connor’s aim to discover that exceptional beauty. Through his explorations and his writing, he celebrates everything the unique genius and creativity of the human mind has thought of as well as the breath-taking inventions and creations that have been made by human hands. Humanity everywhere and at every time in our long history on earth has consistently pushed itself to the limits to discover new ways of doing things and new ways of seeing the world.

It is arts and culture that make us uniquely human and it is these things which will remain long after we are gone. In discovering the countless diverse forms human cultures can take, this website embraces and celebrates the unity of humanity—that special unity which can only be found in our diversity. Together, these sites of cultural heritage create an intricate and beautiful mosaic of our shared human history and achievements.

So explore this site; read about peoples and cultures far away or right next door; develop a deeper appreciation for our history and diversity; and become inspired to embark on your very own adventure!