Ancient World’s Most Peculiar Medical Treatments: Would You Ever Try These?

If you think going to the doctor seems daunting, think again! Modern medicine is nothing like it medicine some hundreds years ago. Unusual ancient medical practices and devices discovered from different ancient civilizations appear to be gruesome if not deadly. Surprisingly, these frightening medical treatments were completely accepted – even considered the only recourse – at the time. For sure you’ll be thankful that we now have modern medical equipment like these nursing tools and gadgets reviewed at this site.

Let’s take a look at some peculiar medical treatments used in ancient civilizations.

  1. Mercury

Who would have thought this toxic chemical was once used for treating ailments? Notorious for its adverse effects on health and long banned in healthcare settings, mercury was a common topical medicine and elixir used in ancient Greece and Persia. Chinese alchemists also believed this chemical has the ability to boost vitality and increase lifespan. In some ancient culture, mercury was concocted with other equally poisonous compounds like arsenic and sulfur to create a powerful mixture that promised eternal life. You probably know what happened to those who took this unusual brew.

  1. Skull cure

Ancient Babylonians believed that most illnesses are punishments from the gods for past offenses or caused by demonic forces. Unlike modern physicians who use diagnostic tools, such as sphygmomanometer, thermometer or a pulse oximeter — you can read more about that here: , ancient Babylonian healers simply observed their patients and diagnosed them while asleep. For example, grinding of the teeth will lead the healer to suspect that a spirits of a deceased family member was reaching them as they slept. To drive away these spirits, the patient is made to sleep alongside a human skull for a week. According to ancient texts, the patient must also kiss and lick the skull.

  1. Trepanation

Trepanation, the most horrifying surgical procedure, is also the medical world’s oldest form of surgery. This procedure has been practiced for over thousands of years and has been used by different cultures across the world. Aztecs practiced it, the ancient Greeks also did it, and even modern medicine does it too!

In trepanation, the doctor creates a whole in the skull. There is both a religious and medical reasons for this practice. In some cultures, opening up the skull allows the release of demons while others practiced it to relieve pressure within the brain. There also other cultures where trepanning is done to increase mental capacity.

Ancient doctors and healers used some grisly devices that looked like blunt knives and cookie cutters. Without real anesthesia, antiseptic and sterilization, ancient cranial procedures were downright dangerous! If you think trepanning was absolutely fatal, you’re wrong. In fact, skulls found in Peru suggested that those who underwent this procedure actually survived the horrifying treatment!

Believe it or not, these horrible treatments were actually done by our ancestors. And these are just three of the many unusual procedures ancient doctors thought were helpful. If these were the treatments today, would you ever see your doctor?