Benefits of Creative Hobbies

Benefits of Creative HobbiesPeople everywhere have hobbies. These could be something many of us would consider boring, like collecting stamps or currencies of the world, or it could be something many of us couldn’t do in the first place, like playing a musical instrument or reading books aloud to an audience. In fact, composing music on a digital piano is lots of fun for the people who know how to do it. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Hobbies in general are good for curtailing boredom and giving the brain something to do or think about, but creative hobbies are especially good since they usually help to develop a skill or two, too.

Making music is something pretty much anyone can do. Whether than can do it well or not is up to discussion and probably varies on a case by case basis – some people are good at things others are bad at and vice versa. Composing music on a digital piano might be easy for one person and difficult for the next. However, that second person might turn out to be better than the first when it comes to playing guitar, or violin, or horns. Finding what you have a natural talent with is a major key to finding hobbies you can enjoy for a lifetime, rather than those which become bored after a week.

Some hobbies aren’t in themselves creative, but offer creative ways to answer common problems. For instance, longboarding is an excellent way to get around, especially for those who already have some experience riding a skateboard. They’re essentially the same thing, though the longboard is naturally longer and a little narrower because of that. If you’re hurting from recent gasoline prices or you’re looking for a way to get a little exercise during your work commutes, this is a hobby that isn’t itself creative, but which offers a creative response to a common problem.

Other creative hobbies can get you up and out of the house, bringing a level of activity to your life which may not be present right now. Archery is something you can do at home or elsewhere, but it’s probably something you’ll be doing outside, which can help you to catch some sun, at the least. Working a bow and arrows is good exercise for your arms, shoulders, elbows and neck, on top of everything else. Besides helping you to experience new things, some creative hobbies also have physical or mental health benefits you don’t get from just any hobby. Filling targets full of holes is great stress relief.

There are other benefits to creative hobbies too, on top of and in addition to the ones I’ve listed here. However, this is a good list for getting started. You basically have two ways to go about this. First, identify a hobby you enjoy and then figure out the benefits it provides to you. Conversely, you could first figure out what benefits or changes you want to have happen, then try and find the hobby that gives you the greatest push in that direction.