Why Do We Preserve Our Heritage Sites?

Heritage sites are more than just symbols; they are a tangible link to our past. They give us a glimpse of a certain period in our history. They remind us of the lessons of the past and guide us towards our aspirations.

Perhaps some are wondering why the need to spend money, energy and time preserving these old sites. What makes them very important that our government invests on their protection?

Apparently, these structures, edifices and monuments are an important part of our society. There are many reasons why the need to preserve them.

Firstly, these structures are an important part of our evolution as a society. Letting them crumble to ruins is something we cannot afford to do. Once they are gone, you can never rebuild them using their original construction methodologies and materials. If they are not protected, they only become available through pictures. This is the reason why authorities go the extra mile to carefully maintain heritage sites and museums. Normally, when you walk inside the halls of these edifices, you’ll find an exhibition of artifacts and memorabilia, properly illuminated using specialized lighting equipment such as those LED lamps at LightBarReport. These items give us a firsthand experience of our history.

Second, the beauty of these heritage sites is worth admiration. Looking at their unique art and design gives us a happy feeling. And that’s a scientifically proven fact. Neuroaesthetics believes that art has a positive benefit on a person’s mood. To accentuate the external beauty of these monuments, proper use of lighting such as these LED light bars http://lightbarreport.com/best-24-inch-led-light-bar-review/  proves beneficial.

Third, historic edifices link us to our past. When you preserve a heritage site, it’s not only the physical aspect of it that you’re saving. There’s treasure trove of information about our society, history, and ancestors that lie beneath the layers of these structure. Keeping them intact for future generations to study is a great way to know more about who we are as people.

Fourth, heritage buildings contribute to the economic and cultural well-being of a place. With its regular visitors and tourists, it can add to the vibrancy of street life. Normally, these sites become a tourist destination that attracts people to it. In recent years, we’ve seen how heritage structures have been redeveloped and repurposed to cater to the present generation. They become a viable enterprise that can benefit the local community.

Fifth, declaring a property as a heritage site can help boost property values within the area. Quite obviously, such a designation could bring in economic opportunities which can help uplift the value of properties surrounding it.

Sixth, heritage preservation entails major investment, which means more labor opportunities. Many government and non-government agencies spend funds on protecting our historical structures. It requires specialists and manual laborers to complete heritage conservation projects.

Finally, conserving important cultural and historical landmarks is a one-way street. Once a heritage site is destroyed, it’s lost forever. You can never rebuild or renovate it. This makes it crucial that we identify all historically significant sites and work together to preserve them.

Four Things Every Professional Artist Need to Survive in Their Career

One question that a prospective art professional will eventually deal with: Can I make a living out of art and creatives?

The answer to this question is as complex as the question itself.

Our society has a lot of misconceptions about the world of creatives. Many think that art is a hopeless pursuit that offers no financial security, no middle ground, and no stability. We hear of stories about prospective artists, especially freelance or independent artists, with impressive credentials who still failed. These artist-failures are talented, committed and dedicated, yet unappreciated. Regrettably, their works get noticed and valued only posthumous.

But there’s also the other face of the art world – the highly successful and well-known artists who earn a celebrity status. There are acclaimed professional artists the likes of painter/sculptor Damien Hirst, sculptor Jeff Koons, painter Jasper Johns, muralist/graffiti artist David Choe, and painter Andrew Vicari. And of course, there are also those who have earned prominent recognitions in the art world.

To many people, the creative sector is a huge gamble where you either succeed or fail. It’s a “make or break” career that requires courage, perseverance, and hope. Some even think that you need the stroke of luck to make art a viable source of income.

However, there are some things you can do to help improve your chances at success.

Firstly, you need to have a goal. You have to define what you want in your career. Writing down your goals in a paper planner, like those reviewed here https://getlifeyoudesire.com/best-goal-planners-to-reach-your-goals/, can greatly help you in goal-setting. Creativity is the lifeblood of artists. As such, you explore new ideas and concepts. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get distracted by all these new stuff, and you end up not completing any of your tasks and goal. Having a written goal can help you get back to course whenever you lose track.

Secondly, you need to have the mindset of a small business owner. While it’s true that art is passion, you should be realistic. If creatives is your bread and butter, treat it as it is. If you’re a freelance artist, you have to think of basic business stuff like marketing, accounting, inventory, and sales. You need to build and maintain relationships with clients, galleries and other worthy connections. You may also want to self-promote through the internet and social media.

Thirdly, you need to be an expert in time-management. Unlike the regular office workers, artists have the liberty of time. You can choose when to work and when to rest. Such a very flexible schedule is both a curse and a boon. Artists require a tremendous amount of discipline and commitment. You have to stick with your work schedule and meet your deadlines. A planner from Get Life You Desire comes in handy to help organize your life.

Finally, you need to be wise financially. If you’re a self-employed artist, you have to learn how to manage your own finances such as paying for your own pension plan or healthcare plan. Majority of freelance artists supplement their income with another job. Doing so can help you get through difficult financial times or when you’re contract has ended. As you start your career, you need to learn how to budget.

Greening art

Greening artGreen art is a popular sub-genre in art and architectural circles today. In today’s era of global warming and climate change, the thematic association with natural elements, both flora and fauna, could not be more relevant. Today, more and more environmentally-conscious men and women are taking advantage of their abilities to express themselves through art and architecture, combining artistic creativity with engineering skills and entrepreneurial inventions. Through art, we sometimes discover new elements in nature and consequently express ourselves through actions in response to our new awakenings. Owing to geo-political and economic factors, more people have become urbanized, withdrawing further from depleted natural surroundings.

Blending in with nature

For most people, preoccupied with their daily lives, it has become challenging to notice those objects of beauty which rarely escape the eyes of artists and designers. But to compensate, the less-artistic of society still appreciate the gifts of their creative peers. You only need to look around your own home to appreciate aspects of art being combined with mechanical functions. Even the automobile that you drive to work each day has been inspired by some form of artistic expression.  Modern buildings are functional and environmentally sustainable, engineered from scratch to be artistically assimilated with nature.

Previously, the concern was always over how much natural space had been appropriated by mankind. In the sport of golf, hardly a necessity to most people and merely a form of recreation for some, large areas of land were cleared to build acres of greens on which enthusiasts could then hit a tiny ball from one end of the park to another with a club. Fortunately, whether through legislation or necessity, even artistic expression, today’s designers of golfing links are a lot more considerate where nature is concerned.

In communion with nature

Whether by design or not, much of the flora and fauna has been left untouched by builders who lay out their greens around natural forests and streams as opposed to demolishing them. For instance, it is no longer a rare occurrence to hear of a golfer having to watch his natural surroundings carefully while sizing up his next shot. Some golfing greens have even been placed near rivers populated by alligators. But thanks to modern technology, avid golfers have the benefit of using a custom-sized GPS navigator.

It is mainly used to optimize their performance on the greens but discerning golfers may argue that the sport remains true when only relying on instinct and the naked eye. You would have to visit or join a golf club to fully appreciate all of this. This website shows you how you can get started and what you will need as a beginner. Hikers, skiers and cross-country runners would agree that battling it out with their natural surroundings is the essence of their sport.

Originally, humankind was designed by their own artistic creator to be in communion with nature. It is still pleasing to see that we are slowly but surely returning back to basics, whether out of necessity or by design.

Poetry in motion

Poetry in motionThe title of this post was not chosen lightly in view of the fact that this expression has been used for many years to describe the artistic and emotional sensations associated with human motion. Fair to say, it should not even be regarded as a cliché because it remains relevant to our everyday lives. The use of poetry has been with us since the beginning of time. Think how the ancient scribes composed their verse when witnessing scenes of war and bravado, watching soldiers clash with each other with their swords and bows. In spite of proxy wars being fought mainly in the Middle East today, the rest of humankind has moved on from their predecessors’ early, blood-curdling days.

Art in nature

Today, most men and women challenge each other on the playing fields. Not only do men and women battle it out with each other, they also challenge themselves quietly on their own. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner tells the story of one delinquent man’s battle with himself. Incarcerated for petty theft, the protagonist discovers the sport of cross-country running by chance. Much to the disappointment of the prison authorities, this young man, blessed with above-average levels of stamina and endurance, decides not to race against other athletes that he would surely beat, but against himself.

In the process, this young man encounters for the first time the joys of being close to nature, running through green forests and over muddy hills. While running, he sees the artistic beauty in his natural surroundings. The playing field may not be entirely natural but there is a good reason why soccer (football) is called the beautiful game. This term was first associated with the adored Samba Kings, five time soccer world champions, Brazil.

Expressing yourself

If you have not had the privilege of taking part in one or another sport during your lifetime, you ought to give it a try. You won’t have to test your body to the limits. Rather, you can take time out to truly experience the beauty of using all parts of your body in strategic ways, combining it with cognitive thinking skills. Also, a lot of artistic expression and engineering skills go into the manufacture of the equipment that sportsmen and women use.

Long-boarding enthusiasts appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into building their custom-designed boards from natural fibers such as bamboo and maple. Granted, synthetic fibers are being used more nowadays in order to enhance and streamline the performance of top athletes. Ultimately, sport is more than competing with foes. It is a means of expressing the individual self and reacting to one’s surroundings, much like poets have been doing for centuries. Even if you are just taking a leisurely stroll through your favorite park you can take a moment to observe how your body responds to undulating paths.

More importantly, you should take time to absorb how it makes you feel inside. It feels beautiful, doesn’t it?

Best Cabin Vacations To Enjoy Around The World

cabin-918914_1280I have always admired the log cabins. They bring to mind primitive dwellings and living in the mountains. In fact, cabin is sort of an icon. The cabins serve as a resting place where lumberjack teams share a meal and coffee as they ponder over the day’s backbreaking lumber work.

Recently I was in Oregon, which is famous for its forests and log cabins. The cabins built by settlers in the Oregon Trail are symbolic of frontier life and depict the traditional communities that lived in the region. Cabins symbolize freedom from the busy city lights.

Many people choose cabin vacations to relax and be free of the stresses associated with modern living. The cabins available now range from those fitted with the bare necessities to sophisticated cabins with the latest in electricity and plumbing. The cabins are popular not only in Canada, but worldwide too, as they offer a perfect getaway in both winter and summer weather. Here are some of the most adorable cabins you’ll ever come across. All of the cabins stand out because of their unique design and shelter.

Glass Cabin

Situated in West Virginia Mountains, this cabin has walls of glass windows that give breath-taking views of sunset. Built by Lilah Horrowitz and Nick Olsen of Milwaukee this cabin offers a great retreat from the busy city life. The glass panes are supported by wooden beams, which look well finished and appropriate for the cabin. While finishing wood, using tools such as the BELTSANDER helps to make the finishing more smooth and easier.


These are not your usual residential treehouses that you build for your kids. Belonging to the Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa, the cabins offer spectacular views of the landscape and are apt for vacation stay. You can enjoy a furnished cabin complete with bedroom and bathroom. What makes the stay more exciting is the predators on prowl just below on the ground.

Nook Treehouse

This is present in Sussex in England. It is more like a fairy-tale cabin with all the latest amenities in it. It is ideal for a vacation stop.

Timber Moose Lodge

This is situated in Timber Lakes in Utah, United States. The cabin is enormous in proportion and is more like a fortress. It is a privately owned log cabin and features a massive kitchen, swimming pool, dining area, crow’s nest, and sufficient space for accommodating over 60 people.

Manta Resort

Situated in Pemba Island in Tanzania the resort is on the expensive side, which is certainly justified when you see the cabin. It is a floating lodge present just a little distance away from the shore. It provides stunning views of the blue sea.

Eagle Brae Highland cabins

Situated in Beauly, Scotland, these log cabins have authentic log cabin structure complete with log frames, fur carpets, turf roofs and taxidermied game.  You can also find some exquisite wood furniture here.

Juvet Landscape

This is located in Gudbrandsjuvet resort in Norwary. It is a contemporary cabin with minimalistic design with the spectacular views dominating rather than the cabins themselves.

The Importance Of Societal Preservation

The Importance Of Societal PreservationAs the world has continued to develop over the years, there are a number of changes that have been made in different sectors and industries as various concepts and the introduction of technology has molded the original ideas that had emerged from the initial societies that had set up shop in God’s green earth. There are many areas that an individual is able to look at when identifying the progress that has been made by the human race as a whole and one cannot help but be impressed by the significant differences that can be found in such observations.

Some ideas have come to life only to go into extinction and be replaced by another while others have maintained their grip on the global community and as a result have only developed and progressed in design as people find new ways of doing things. It should be noted that the aforementioned extinct ideas are only non-existent in practice but have maintained a place in the memories of the world. This knack for preservation can be seen as one of the more impressive traits of the world.

The ability to pass on information from one generation to the next has allowed for the conservation of past practices and traditions in the process giving the human race an idea of where they have come from and how far they have reached. Items such as guns for instance have not been around for a long time but the designs have drastically changed with the old models hardly applicable in today’s world where almost everything that is mechanically run has an automatic element.

Whereas in the past such relics (as they are referred to now) were stored in armories) the size of rooms, the introduction of the gun safe has ensured that every individual with the appropriate permits and other documentation is able to have a mini armory so to speak in the corner of their house somewhere (read more about gun safes here). Such changes would not be considered significant had the current generation had no idea of how things were done in the past.

The artwork that is stored in galleries today vary from different time periods with some paintings clocking almost a century in existence as others are being introduced to the world at this very moment. Artistes such as Michelangelo are celebrated to this day despite the fact that they lived in a time when not a single person who exists now was alive and yet he is still revered by the world of art as one of the greatest in his profession as a result of his works which are still put on display in various locations.

The importance of this habit for preservation that has been developed cannot be underestimated with regard to the role it has played with connecting the past with the present, nor for the role it will play with connecting our present with the future.

It is essential for the human race to hold on to this sense of preservation for the sake of the future generations that will come into existence. Such knowledge creates a bond that would have otherwise been impossible to come to fruition and expands the vision of the human race allowing for the appreciation of past, present and future efforts.

The evolution of Singing

The evolution of SingingWhile we have a great time speaking our thoughts aloud and singing with the perfect intonation, I was curious about how the singing actually evolved. This line of thought started on, when I was attending a karaoke party with my friends. What I found out about singing was certainly surprising.

It is said that man started to sing well before he actually spoke his thoughts aloud. However, the singing he did is not the refined singing that you hear in concerts naturally! What I meant was that speech evolved only from singing.

The monotonous language we speak and the highly sophisticated music, we create are actually different forms of primitive speech, which had more of a song form than speech. The singing done by birds, roaring of animals and even crooning of tiny babies were not considered by our ancestors as  a form of communication. It was just something that existed for them.

Singing – a vital part of culture

Singing which is defined as producing musical tones vocally is a basic characteristic of man. The origins date so far back that it is difficult to find them in antiquity. One thing that is certain is that singing originated before spoken language developed. Our voice is supposed to be the first ever-original instrument of music.

Almost all cultures have singing as an integral part. Singing in addition to being universal and ancient also serves as a form of entertainment to people. Singing also has religious purposes. Ancient man had sung with incantations or prayers to invoke god, recount history and his heroics and to celebrate moving on to the heavenly abode. Singing has different intonations in different cultures.

In the early stages, singing was improvisatory and individualistic in nature. The singing was just a simple form of imitation done in response to the various sounds man had heard in nature.  Although the exact period when the singing had turned into a communicative and meaningful sound is not established, it would have been a great shift in language creation.

Anthropologists believe that speech had developed only as a recent change in human evolution. Since larynx in humans does not have any bones, there are no archaeological evidence related to speech there is a general belief that persons with large bodies like the Slavs produced low pitched singers and the small bodied people like Mediterranean people had high pitched singers.

Based on the available evidence, modern singing and musical development would have started as simple patterns of melody derived from several tones. This would have further developed into pitch matches or the older version of our karaoke singing where several persons sang in unison and later singing in parallel movement would have evolved. By the way, I liked the karaoke so much, that I’ve decided to buy myself one of those machines. I found the perfect fit at http://www.karaokeisle.com/

This would have been followed with drone basses, canon etc. The tone and scale would have emerged later on. The musical devices would have developed after this phase. The musical characteristics were developed in relation to the respective languages spoken by the cultures. This link between language and music is actually very complex to be understood fully.

5 Interesting facts about the Inuit

5 Interesting facts about the InuitThe Inuit are the native people who inhabit the Arctic region of the world. While the Inuit have been around for centuries now, the rest of the world still knows very little of these brave people, who survive in the harshest of weather conditions on the planet.

Indeed, the world does not know much about these people, beyond the fact that they live in igloos, wear hooded fur coats and yield large harpoons.

Here, we will take a look at five fascinating facts about the Inuit that you probably didn’t know:

  • The name Inuit

While the term Eskimo is used across the world to denote the people who live in the harsh snowy conditions of the north, the term is considered to be derogatory.

The Inuit is an accepted and politically correct name which is used by many of the people themselves.

Contrary to popular understanding, Inuit is a plural term which refers to a group of individuals. A single individual is called an Inuk.

  • The diet of the Inuit

5 Interesting facts about the InuitThe Inuit are excellent hunters and they can capture almost any wild animal for food. Traditionally, the diet of the Inuit consisted of narwhals, seals, walruses, caribous, fish, birds and sometimes even polar bears.

While the Inuit have an extremely meat intensive diet, they are also counted amongst the healthiest races in the world. However, with a shift in demographics and access to western food, the diet of the Inuit is slowly shifting towards westernized foods.

  • The Qallupilluk

Every race and every culture has a mythical beast, which is feared terribly. The Qallupilluk refers to the monster of the Inuit, which has been used to instil some fear in the hearts of young children.

The Qallupilluk allegedly refers to a twisted form of a human, who would wait underwater and drag unsuspecting victims down for food.

  • The kayak

The kayak (like the ones you can see at http://www.kayakouch.com/) was originally designed and developed by the Inuit in order to paddle through the harsh waters of the Arctic region.

The kayak is a fine example of the ingenuity of the Inuit. The design of the paddle boat is so unique and dependable that kayaking has become a popular worldwide sport today.

  • The economic conditions

While the Inuit have enjoyed a good past, today with intense legislations and the quick progress of modern life, most of the Inuit are in a state of poverty. This is similar to what has happened to a number of nomadic tribes such as the American Indians and the Australian Aborigines.

However, the harsh regions of the north still have plenty of resources and the Inuit are the only tough people who survive there. As such, they may still see a future which is somewhat bright.

The world definitely needs to know more about these fascinating people who have been surviving out in the wild for centuries with ease. The Inuit are one of the healthiest and the bravest tribes in the world, who have quite a lot to offer to others. Proof of this is the fact that their invention, the kayak is used widely all over the world.

Ancient types of healing

Ancient types of healingIn today’s fast paced world, individuals often fall prey to sicknesses and ailments. While modern medicine can alleviate most of these problems, they are usually invasive and require that the patients use them for a given period of time, failing which the treatment is rendered ineffective.

Furthermore, most of the modern medicines have some side effects or have some sort of dependency attached to them. Typical hospitals are fast-paced environments, where each individual is given the minimum of care required to make them well enough to leave. There is a shortage of personnel, which can be plainly seen on the faces of worn-down nurses who have to stand on their feet all day, which is why they have to wear special shoes from NicerShoes.  Indeed, in a typical hospital setting, patients are required to follow strict instructions and to keep taking medication up until the doctors or medical practitioners deem fit.

Fortunately, there are many alternative therapies and remedies, which can help patients across different types of problems. These therapies are all based on ancient healing methods, which have been in use for thousands of years.

Here are four ancient types of healing, which are known to provide relief from a number of diseases and ailments and often work much better than modern day medicines:

  • Reiki

Reiki is a traditional Japanese art of healing, which makes use of the power of touch in order to heal a number of different ailments and disorders.

Based on the stimulation of the energy of the life-force, Reiki involves a practitioner, who places his hands over a patient’s body in order to direct the flow of energy.

While the effectiveness of Reiki has been debated, certain studies have demonstrated that Reiki can help boost the wellbeing of an individual and can reduce stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue and depression.

  • Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts, which places special emphasis on attention, breathing processes and movements.

Considered to be a meditative process, Tai Chi is believed to stimulate the Qi, or the energy force of the body.

Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of Tai Chi, which help to improve the quality of life in patients with severe osteoporosis, breast cancer patients, patients with heart problems and patients with hypertension.

  • Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of life, which dates back over 5000 years. Ayurveda involves treatment of ailments by taking herbal supplements, making lifestyle changes and eating the proper foods.

Ayurveda is based on the belief of balancing the three basic types of energy in an individual’s body.

While the benefits of Ayurveda are still understudied, research has indicated that it can prove to be useful in the treatment of anxiety, depression, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease and many other medical conditions.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture involves pricking of a number of needles over the surface of the body to heal certain ailments.

While the ancient art of acupuncture is based on stimulating the flow of the life energy Qi, the western world sees the practice as a way to stimulate the flow of blood.

Studies have demonstrated that acupuncture can be particularly effective in the treatment of depression, headaches, hypertension, nausea, arthritis, back pains and many other medical conditions.

While the western world still debates on the effectiveness of such ancient types of healing, it is generally agreed upon that these forms of therapy have their set of benefits and can improve the quality of life of a patient, if not heal them completely.

Impact Of Sport On Human Society

Impact Of Sport On Human SocietySports are a part of human society. They can be perceived as battle, in some cases, performed weekly for the masses to see. There is no doubt that these athletes and the sports they represent have become important to the spectators that enjoy watching them. While it may sound like sports are something that is easily written off, something that doesn’t matter to everyone, these displays of virility actually have a positive impact on the society. They help to form bonds across socio-economic groups as well as helps to promote a more active lifestyle for those who may not be overly active to begin with.

How does sports in general promote a culture of fitness? That is simple, athletes that take part in these events must be in good health by some degree. They have to be able to perform the tasks whether through endurance, strength, or, most often, a combination of both. That means they have to take care of their bodies to be able to do this. In turn, the people who view them during their weekly matches strive to be like their idols. They too are more likely to get off the couch and live a more active lifestyle and eat healthier foods because their favorite athlete does as well. They are role models for those fans, whether they want to be or not.

People want to be in as good of shape as the sports heroes they see on television. That encourages them to get up and do something about it. Hiking is a way that we sports enthusiasts can connect. We get outside and work on our endurance skills by taking on trail after trail. It gives us the same rush that sports athletes get every time they hit the field, it releases the same endorphins.

A good example of athletes becoming role models is when the American society has been classified as a whole being nationally passionate about sports. It is often joked that this pastime being so important that it is a “second religion” to many people. As an appropriate allegory, these athletes then become the saints of the sport, the people that spectators want to model their lives after. As with all saints, when these athletes do something that is considered shameful, the quickly fall from grace in both their professional and public lives.

Sports is something all can bond over, despite the differences in social or economic circles. You don’t have to be rich, well educated, or come from a good home to enjoy sports. You don’t have to be refined or crass to be a rabid spectator. All walks of life find themselves staring at the television rooting on their favorite team. All fans, no matter their background, wants to be in the stands during an exciting game and they don’t care if they are sitting next to someone of the same social standing as they are, so long as they are a rabid fan rooting for their team, of course. For a moment, at least, there is no worry about who has more than whom. There is no comparison, no socio-economic struggle. There is just a group of people enjoying a game.

Some people see sports as an art. It takes time, dedication, and talent to get as far as professional sport. The plays put out on the field are nothing short of a master piece. The coaches are taking their best people and turning them in to something that makes spectators sit back in awe of. The quarterback throwing a perfect spiral, completing the pass to a receiver even though he is surrounded by defensive backs is a picture perfect example. The graceful golf swing that causes the ball to soar down the fairway, straight as an arrow with no divots has majesty to it. The spectacular fast ball pitched right over the plate, nothing short of amazing.

Take a still shot of those moments in the mind. They are breath taking to a fan. The look and feel of the players as they complete the perfect shot can be intoxicating and invigorating to fans. It is something that they will remember long after their team has won or lost. It is an art all of its own, a ballet of sorts.Spectators have gotten to where they expect those beautiful shots, tosses, hits. When they don’t see them, they describe it as an ugly game. They see the beauty in what to anyone else would be considered just a throw or just a hit.

While the athletes are the ones that must complete the picturesque scenes, the coaches are the real artists. They are the choreographers that pull it all together. Like an artist at the canvas, coaches paint the picture that will win them the game. They blend their best players, or colors, in order to come up with the beauty that is a sports game.

Sports has both positive and negative impacts on our society. While many people are encouraged when they see their players doing well, there is also the downside. Some players do bad things, set bad examples for those who would look up to them. Sometimes they get a lesser penalty than the average person because of their status as an athlete. It can set a bad standard for an impressionable fan who sees that their idol has done something wrong, they didn’t get into much trouble so the fan can then do it too. It doesn’t happen that often, but it can and does happen.

It’s obvious that sports in general have an important impact on our society. Sports is one of the few things that transcends socio-economic status and brings people together. It encourages people to get off their couches and exercise. By encouraging activity it helps build a healthier society. While it may seem only sports enthusiasts could bond over this activity, in reality, many people can see the beauty and art in the way sports are played. The forms and actions are a work of art that anyone can enjoy.