Poetry in motion

Poetry in motionThe title of this post was not chosen lightly in view of the fact that this expression has been used for many years to describe the artistic and emotional sensations associated with human motion. Fair to say, it should not even be regarded as a cliché because it remains relevant to our everyday lives. The use of poetry has been with us since the beginning of time. Think how the ancient scribes composed their verse when witnessing scenes of war and bravado, watching soldiers clash with each other with their swords and bows. In spite of proxy wars being fought mainly in the Middle East today, the rest of humankind has moved on from their predecessors’ early, blood-curdling days.

Art in nature

Today, most men and women challenge each other on the playing fields. Not only do men and women battle it out with each other, they also challenge themselves quietly on their own. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner tells the story of one delinquent man’s battle with himself. Incarcerated for petty theft, the protagonist discovers the sport of cross-country running by chance. Much to the disappointment of the prison authorities, this young man, blessed with above-average levels of stamina and endurance, decides not to race against other athletes that he would surely beat, but against himself.

In the process, this young man encounters for the first time the joys of being close to nature, running through green forests and over muddy hills. While running, he sees the artistic beauty in his natural surroundings. The playing field may not be entirely natural but there is a good reason why soccer (football) is called the beautiful game. This term was first associated with the adored Samba Kings, five time soccer world champions, Brazil.

Expressing yourself

If you have not had the privilege of taking part in one or another sport during your lifetime, you ought to give it a try. You won’t have to test your body to the limits. Rather, you can take time out to truly experience the beauty of using all parts of your body in strategic ways, combining it with cognitive thinking skills. Also, a lot of artistic expression and engineering skills go into the manufacture of the equipment that sportsmen and women use.

Long-boarding enthusiasts appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into building their custom-designed boards from natural fibers such as bamboo and maple. Granted, synthetic fibers are being used more nowadays in order to enhance and streamline the performance of top athletes. Ultimately, sport is more than competing with foes. It is a means of expressing the individual self and reacting to one’s surroundings, much like poets have been doing for centuries. Even if you are just taking a leisurely stroll through your favorite park you can take a moment to observe how your body responds to undulating paths.

More importantly, you should take time to absorb how it makes you feel inside. It feels beautiful, doesn’t it?

Gaining A Fit And Toned Body Without Visiting A Gym

Gaining A Fit And Toned Body Without Visiting A GymOne of my friends had unfortunately fallen for a weight loss diet he saw online. Instead of losing weight, he lost some of his hard earned money and his confidence too. Seeing all those ads promising instant weight loss does make you crave for such a miracle. But when you do use the products, you’ll find out that all the promises are false and just a way to fool you. Getting in shape is not such an easy task. You need to do the necessary workouts and follow the right diet to keep your weight in check and get fit.

For a total body workout, you have two options. One is joining a gym and the other is using fitness equipment at home. I use power rack to get an all body workout. I recommended it to my friend and he decided to try this option. One of the big advantages of having gym equipment set up at home is the convenience you get. You can spend more time doing the exercises and focus more effectively. Home gyms have risen in popularity in recent times because of the various benefits they offer over a regular gym.

While health clubs have a definite edge with their planned workouts and regulated equipment, and not to mention the inspiration you get from seeing others workout like you, a home gym gives you flexibility which is very important, especially if you have an erratic and busy work schedule.

With a health club, you need to wait in line for using the equipment and pay expensive membership fees. I prefer working out early in the morning, when the air is fresh and untouched by the polluting vehicles. Since I have a busy schedule, I could not afford the extra time taken to drive to and from the health club. I take my workouts seriously and try to burn out as many calories as possible and strengthen as many muscles as possible. So the home gym seemed the best choice and a practical one too.

Setting up a gym at home is not a difficult task. You need to consider the space first. I have my equipment in the basement of my home. But if the place is damp or dark, avoid it as it will not give the right atmosphere for your workouts. You can also use a spare room or the den in your home. The main thing to look for is the proper ventilation and lighting in the space you choose. If you want to catch up with the current affairs and news updates, keeping a television in the room is a good option. If you find that the space is very restricting, you can choose equipment that does not take up much space.

While you buy the equipment ensure that they are of good quality. The machines should also meet the objectives you’ve regarding your fitness schedule. Try not to be taken in by the flashy adverts and buy only well-built and effective equipment. Cheap equipment will not last long and make your sessions a big headache. Research well, before you buy the equipment.

Why Combat Sports Is Good For Children

Why Combat Sports Is Good For ChildrenOne morning when I was out for my usual jogging round in the park, I noticed my neighbor waiting outside the local gym. His son was taking martial arts training at the gym. With the opinion on teaching martial arts and boxing for children being varied, I wanted to know how much his son had benefited from the training. My neighbor was all praises for the martial arts training, as his son had developed some really good qualities after joining the classes.

Being a martial arts enthusiast, I’m all for kids getting trained in it. Martial art does not teach just physical discipline alone. It gives a deeper and more meaningful expression of the self.  Certain sections of the society including certain organizations consisting of pediatricians have opposed boxing training for kids citing that boxing and mixed martial arts condone violence and may harm the kids. But I think that these sports teach children self-defense to children and they need to put in hard work and much dedication to become skilled in the sport. This develops in them the necessary characteristics for succeeding in their career and other aspects of life.

One of the main reasons cited by the protestors is that the participants can get injured during the training and competition. In boxing the rate of injury is as much as you get in football, wrestling or soccer, so isolating boxing or martial arts alone is not right. Boxing can be done safely, if the proper protective gear is worn including head gear, safe gloves and proper knee pads and boots. Though boxing is inherently a violent sport, amateur boxing, when done with the right protective gear, protects the kids form grievous head injuries, which is a main cause of concern among the opposing associations.

Why Combat Sports Is Good For ChildrenIn amateur boxing the kids are allowed to practice on heavy bag and speed bag, and are taught foot movement, strength training and heavy conditioning in addition to sparring. The proper safety measures to follow are also taught. There are also rules that allow them to box only against kids of their age and weight.

For children who are shy, introverted and lack self-confidence teaching combat sports is very beneficial as the training builds self-esteem and makes them survive the tough workouts and emerge proud in their accomplishment. For hyper energetic kids too, the combat sports form a good outlet for honing the vast energy they possess towards a positive output. They get to learn discipline and train excellently, which not only helps them in excelling in the sport, but also helps in their studies and future success.

When compared to team sports like soccer and football, boxing and martial arts teach respect, humility and honor, while the team sports help you to cooperate with others. Combat sports also teach personal responsibility, which helps a lot in real life situations.

Though combat sports have their own share of drawbacks, the physical and mental benefits they offer far outweighs the risks, and parents should know about the pros and cons, so they prepare their kids well and take the necessary safety measures like proper head gear, gloves etc., click here for reviews, so the risks are minimized.