Important landmark inventions of our time

We live a comfortable and convenient life today mainly because of a few inventions that have changed our entire world to an ultra-efficient level from a medieval state. While there has definitely been a positive progression since man has evolved, it is in modern times and especially in the past few centuries that a giant leap has been taken.

Now the gadgets and tech we use have brought about a marked change in the way we live, eat, talk, work, communicate etc. In short, the modern day inventions have become an indispensable part of our regular daily routine. Here are a few of the important inventions


Important landmark inventions of our timeInvented by Alexander Graham Bell telephone has made it possible to communicate over long distance. Telephone is the predecessor of the present day smartphones without which we cannot imagine doing either any work at the personal or the professional level, or for that matter the socializing we do.


While electricity is an invention that has become possible due to the work of many people, Benjamin Franklin deserves special mention. Nikola Tesla is another person credited for bringing electricity to us. He is known as the ’Father of Electricity’, because of his extensive knowledge on how electricity can be used.

Without electricity, everything would come to a standstill now as all things we use from our lighting and heating systems to the appliances and machines everything operate on electricity. Battery operated mechanisms have emerged now to combat the ever present need of electricity and fossil fuels.

I recently bought a quadcopter at which is entirely battery operated. However, even if batteries are used, in many gadgets we routinely use including our smartphones and laptops, you still need electricity to charge them making electricity an awesome force to reckon with now.


This invention had people realizing their dream of flying like a bird. Travelling by air is the fastest and best way to reach your destination now. Invented by Wright brothers in 1903 airplanes have improved in leaps and bounds and have become a common means of transport now enabling us to be in different corners of the world easily. The hubsan x4h107c quadcopter I bought for my nephew is one toy that I admire a lot. While flying in a plane is exhilarating, flying a toy quadcopter is equally exciting, as you try to maneuver it without hitting any obstacle.

Light bulb

landmark inventions of our timeThe habit of staying up from dawn to dusk changed once forever with the invention of lightbulbs. While fire and candlelight were the only source of light earlier, the light bulb invention was a big breakthrough when it happened in 1879. Now we stay awake well into the night and sometimes all night long thanks to Thomas Alva Edison. While Joseph Swan had tried making a light bulb in 1860, it did not work properly and glowed for a few hours only. Edison however is the one who invented the light bulb we are using now.

Worldwide web

This invention list will not be complete without the addition of the worldwide web. Invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the web has certainly woven its magic and has all of us under its spell, which doesn’t show any signs of breaking in the near future.

The Most Innovative Home Appliances

The Most Innovative Home AppliancesWith the advent of technology, our lives are becoming more and more comfortable! There are machines all round. From the time we wake up each day to the time we go to bed, we are being surrounded by machines. Innovative technological ideas rule the world at the moment!

In this article, we are going to go through some of the best home appliances that can change the whole concept of household activities!

  • Portable washers: This is one of the most useful innovations in the world now. A portable washer has a lot of utility. The best part about these portable devices is that these consume 90 % less water and energy. This forms a great alternative to laundry services, in the comfort of your home. Also, the spin dryers reduce the dry time to about 3 minutes. This, being a great space saver, is a great option for managing light laundry.
  • Portable air conditioner: For small homes with private housing rules, a portable air conditioner comes in handy. This saves space and energy, giving you the perfect home appliance! There are no specific window settings for these air conditioning units. These have wheels and can be carried with you wherever you go. All you need to do is place it in the room that needs to be cooled and your work gets done right there! However, you would need to install an exhaust vent in the window.
  • Vacuum sealer: A vacuum sealer will be your food’s best companion! How often has it happened that you had a lot of leftover food from the previous night and it had to go to waste? Well, the solution to this is right here! The vacuum sealer will effectively work out an airtight packing of your food items and keep them safe for a long long time, without hassles. All you have to do is pack the food in a bag or pouch and get it sealed. Sometimes, the pouch is placed entirely in the machine and sometimes only the mouth is sealed. These vacuum sealers will go a long way in making an airtight packaging of the food and some top ones can be viewed at Vacuum Sealer Hub.
  • Smart dishwasher: A smart dishwasher is of the essence here! This is a brainchild of superior technology. It is 35 % more efficient that the usual dishwashers. These give shorter clean cycles that allow you to work quickly. Some of the machines can even connect to the Wi-Fi and that is quite the innovation!
  • Smart fridge: After smart phones, come these smart refrigerators! Each of these comes with a number of apps on the screen. Some of these apps include temperature display, calendar, twitter, news and the likes. How many of us could have thought of having an internet-connected fridge in the kitchen? This eco-friendly machine is great for your home and the LED lights further help to make it energy efficient!

Each of these 5 machines is definitely going to make your work and life a lot easier at home!

Unleashing Creativity on a Digital Piano

Unleashing Creativity on a Digital PianoListening to music is one of the best ways to get creative juices flowing for many artists, but some visual artists who are not musically trained want to extend that creativity to actually learning how to play an instrument as an adult. This can be done either by taking lessons from a private teacher or, less commonly, in a group course or through self study. It also means that people have to make a decision on what instrument to learn. Obviously, the guitar and piano are the most popular instruments to learn and there are almost unlimited resources for these two instruments. Maybe partially because of this, figuring out where to start and what to buy can be overwhelming.

I recently decided to take the plunge and learn how to play the piano myself. So, I thought that this post could be a good place to share a little bit about what I learned on the topic of buying a digital piano for my readers. I hope that this is helpful for those hoping to take up music as well and that it is a good guide.

The Benefits of a Digital Piano

Upright and grand pianos take up a good bit of room and space is at a premium for most people. But, of course, most people still want something that looks like a quality piece. Digital pianos are great in this situation because they are small, but they also look expensive and stylish. Of course, there are many options and models of digital pianos, so a website like Sounding Keys is an essential resource for anyone seriously in the market for a digital piano.

Options and Factors

I learned from my shopping experience that buying a digital piano is a highly personal experience. Ever one goes into the process with a different set of wants and needs. Having said this, there are some basic things that everyone should consider in the early stages of looking. These basic considerations include the cost, size and the overall look of the digital piano. But, there other factors to consider as well.

After that, the single most obvious difference in all of the models concerns the various effects that come programmed  into digital piano. These effects are not the only electronic aspects to be aware, however. People also should be aware of the sound quality and overall tone and what the options are for recording and saving music. Finally, the warranty and service agreements may also be something to ask about


Learning music is a joy, and it is different for each person. As a consequence, there is a huge variety of models available. This mean that it is essential to come to the table with some research and a clear idea of what you wan before you make a purchase. As a personal note, now that I have a digital piano, I have really enjoyed learning to play and practicing my limited repertoire.

Influences of Technology on Modern Art

Influences of Technology on Modern ArtArt has been around for as long as humanity has been making tools. The two skills grew together out of the same exceedingly creative human mind. In this way, art and technology are inextricably linked together, evolving together even if they are not evolving on exactly the same path.

As technology evolves, our lives and the world around us changes. As our lives and world change, so to do our expressions (both what we express and how we express it). In modern art, we can see this link more powerfully than ever as new technologies offer an even wider range of mediums which artists can use.

The turn of the 20th century, for example, saw major shifts in artistic mediums. It was at this time that photography was invented and with that came a whole new way of representing the world around us. Around that same time, film also emerged providing artists for the first time in history the ability to create moving pictures. This changed the scope of what could be expressed. No longer was the artist limited to expressing a single emotion or a single moment in time. With film, the artist can tell a story or show a more complex and detailed perspective of a single moment and emotion. The possibilities were endless.

Later on, the computer came into being and brought a slew of new technologies and abilities including digital media and the ability to digitally manipulate photographs and other images. This meant that there was no longer a clear distinction between representing the real through creative production (painting, drawing, etc) and depicting the real through objective mediums (photography, film, etc). Now, one could take a photograph of a real scene and manipulate to look however he or she chose. Continue reading “Influences of Technology on Modern Art” »