Woodworking Art and Modern Tools

Wood is a material that is used to make objects of art from ancient times. The wood was always readily available and easy to handle. Woodworking tools were developed in line with the growing needs. Today exist hand tools that you will use if you want to make woodworking art. The basic are the saw, hammer, chisel, and so on.

Some woodworking pieces serve only for decoration, as for example statues. Other works are a combination of art and practical use. These include, for example, a modern and stylish piece of furniture. Making a work that is simultaneously beautiful and functional, requires a special approach to work. In essence, there are two options. You can make a useful thing first, then to decorate it and make it special. Another way is to create your masterpiece work, then try to find an everyday use for it.

Today it is much easier to make masterpieces and be woodworking artist. To be a good artist, you need good tools. A good part of hand tools are now replaced with modern power tools. Of particular benefit can be an oscillating tool to which can be added various extensions. Many of the works on wood require frequent repetition of some same movements, whether it is in question the processing of edges or ordinary sanding. Oscillating tools significantly reduce the effort of this work and make woodworking art easier. Masters of DIY is a place where you can get information about the types of oscillating tools, and methods of their application.

First steps in woodworking arts mainly are making simple objects of wood, such as birdhouses. Then you can generate a love for this art and new ideas, or you can conclude that you are not so artistic soul. Simpler projects require simple tools and, for a start, it is enough to have the most basic hand tools. It is never redundant because there are always little things that are easier done by hand. As your ideas and inspiration grow, it grows the need for tools. One oscillating tool can be very useful because it can perform many different actions – from cutting jab hole to grinding and shaping the edges. And best of all, it can be used on other materials, not only on wood. The characteristics of such a versatile tool can be found here: https://mastersofdiy.com/best-oscillating-tool-reviews/

In addition to modern tools, today you can get computer software and applications that can be used in the making of wooden objects. They can help with calculations, more rational use of wood, modeling… Many production processes are modernized, and today it is easy to make a myriad of typical things of wood. But is this an art or production? Can anyone be a woodworking artist today?

It may seem that easy. You have the modern tools and computer modeling. Woodworking acts as a game. However, the process of idea generation starts from the artist, and it is a part of his inspiration. This will always remain irreplaceable, and it is the core of woodworking art.

Greening art

Greening artGreen art is a popular sub-genre in art and architectural circles today. In today’s era of global warming and climate change, the thematic association with natural elements, both flora and fauna, could not be more relevant. Today, more and more environmentally-conscious men and women are taking advantage of their abilities to express themselves through art and architecture, combining artistic creativity with engineering skills and entrepreneurial inventions. Through art, we sometimes discover new elements in nature and consequently express ourselves through actions in response to our new awakenings. Owing to geo-political and economic factors, more people have become urbanized, withdrawing further from depleted natural surroundings.

Blending in with nature

For most people, preoccupied with their daily lives, it has become challenging to notice those objects of beauty which rarely escape the eyes of artists and designers. But to compensate, the less-artistic of society still appreciate the gifts of their creative peers. You only need to look around your own home to appreciate aspects of art being combined with mechanical functions. Even the automobile that you drive to work each day has been inspired by some form of artistic expression.  Modern buildings are functional and environmentally sustainable, engineered from scratch to be artistically assimilated with nature.

Previously, the concern was always over how much natural space had been appropriated by mankind. In the sport of golf, hardly a necessity to most people and merely a form of recreation for some, large areas of land were cleared to build acres of greens on which enthusiasts could then hit a tiny ball from one end of the park to another with a club. Fortunately, whether through legislation or necessity, even artistic expression, today’s designers of golfing links are a lot more considerate where nature is concerned.

In communion with nature

Whether by design or not, much of the flora and fauna has been left untouched by builders who lay out their greens around natural forests and streams as opposed to demolishing them. For instance, it is no longer a rare occurrence to hear of a golfer having to watch his natural surroundings carefully while sizing up his next shot. Some golfing greens have even been placed near rivers populated by alligators. But thanks to modern technology, avid golfers have the benefit of using a custom-sized GPS navigator.

It is mainly used to optimize their performance on the greens but discerning golfers may argue that the sport remains true when only relying on instinct and the naked eye. You would have to visit or join a golf club to fully appreciate all of this. This website shows you how you can get started and what you will need as a beginner. Hikers, skiers and cross-country runners would agree that battling it out with their natural surroundings is the essence of their sport.

Originally, humankind was designed by their own artistic creator to be in communion with nature. It is still pleasing to see that we are slowly but surely returning back to basics, whether out of necessity or by design.

Poetry in motion

Poetry in motionThe title of this post was not chosen lightly in view of the fact that this expression has been used for many years to describe the artistic and emotional sensations associated with human motion. Fair to say, it should not even be regarded as a cliché because it remains relevant to our everyday lives. The use of poetry has been with us since the beginning of time. Think how the ancient scribes composed their verse when witnessing scenes of war and bravado, watching soldiers clash with each other with their swords and bows. In spite of proxy wars being fought mainly in the Middle East today, the rest of humankind has moved on from their predecessors’ early, blood-curdling days.

Art in nature

Today, most men and women challenge each other on the playing fields. Not only do men and women battle it out with each other, they also challenge themselves quietly on their own. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner tells the story of one delinquent man’s battle with himself. Incarcerated for petty theft, the protagonist discovers the sport of cross-country running by chance. Much to the disappointment of the prison authorities, this young man, blessed with above-average levels of stamina and endurance, decides not to race against other athletes that he would surely beat, but against himself.

In the process, this young man encounters for the first time the joys of being close to nature, running through green forests and over muddy hills. While running, he sees the artistic beauty in his natural surroundings. The playing field may not be entirely natural but there is a good reason why soccer (football) is called the beautiful game. This term was first associated with the adored Samba Kings, five time soccer world champions, Brazil.

Expressing yourself

If you have not had the privilege of taking part in one or another sport during your lifetime, you ought to give it a try. You won’t have to test your body to the limits. Rather, you can take time out to truly experience the beauty of using all parts of your body in strategic ways, combining it with cognitive thinking skills. Also, a lot of artistic expression and engineering skills go into the manufacture of the equipment that sportsmen and women use.

Long-boarding enthusiasts appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into building their custom-designed boards from natural fibers such as bamboo and maple. Granted, synthetic fibers are being used more nowadays in order to enhance and streamline the performance of top athletes. Ultimately, sport is more than competing with foes. It is a means of expressing the individual self and reacting to one’s surroundings, much like poets have been doing for centuries. Even if you are just taking a leisurely stroll through your favorite park you can take a moment to observe how your body responds to undulating paths.

More importantly, you should take time to absorb how it makes you feel inside. It feels beautiful, doesn’t it?

Best Cabin Vacations To Enjoy Around The World

cabin-918914_1280I have always admired the log cabins. They bring to mind primitive dwellings and living in the mountains. In fact, cabin is sort of an icon. The cabins serve as a resting place where lumberjack teams share a meal and coffee as they ponder over the day’s backbreaking lumber work.

Recently I was in Oregon, which is famous for its forests and log cabins. The cabins built by settlers in the Oregon Trail are symbolic of frontier life and depict the traditional communities that lived in the region. Cabins symbolize freedom from the busy city lights.

Many people choose cabin vacations to relax and be free of the stresses associated with modern living. The cabins available now range from those fitted with the bare necessities to sophisticated cabins with the latest in electricity and plumbing. The cabins are popular not only in Canada, but worldwide too, as they offer a perfect getaway in both winter and summer weather. Here are some of the most adorable cabins you’ll ever come across. All of the cabins stand out because of their unique design and shelter.

Glass Cabin

Situated in West Virginia Mountains, this cabin has walls of glass windows that give breath-taking views of sunset. Built by Lilah Horrowitz and Nick Olsen of Milwaukee this cabin offers a great retreat from the busy city life. The glass panes are supported by wooden beams, which look well finished and appropriate for the cabin. While finishing wood, using tools such as the BELTSANDER helps to make the finishing more smooth and easier.


These are not your usual residential treehouses that you build for your kids. Belonging to the Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa, the cabins offer spectacular views of the landscape and are apt for vacation stay. You can enjoy a furnished cabin complete with bedroom and bathroom. What makes the stay more exciting is the predators on prowl just below on the ground.

Nook Treehouse

This is present in Sussex in England. It is more like a fairy-tale cabin with all the latest amenities in it. It is ideal for a vacation stop.

Timber Moose Lodge

This is situated in Timber Lakes in Utah, United States. The cabin is enormous in proportion and is more like a fortress. It is a privately owned log cabin and features a massive kitchen, swimming pool, dining area, crow’s nest, and sufficient space for accommodating over 60 people.

Manta Resort

Situated in Pemba Island in Tanzania the resort is on the expensive side, which is certainly justified when you see the cabin. It is a floating lodge present just a little distance away from the shore. It provides stunning views of the blue sea.

Eagle Brae Highland cabins

Situated in Beauly, Scotland, these log cabins have authentic log cabin structure complete with log frames, fur carpets, turf roofs and taxidermied game.  You can also find some exquisite wood furniture here.

Juvet Landscape

This is located in Gudbrandsjuvet resort in Norwary. It is a contemporary cabin with minimalistic design with the spectacular views dominating rather than the cabins themselves.

The Art of the Motorcycle

harley davidson motorcycle closeup photoAs you know, I love all things related to art. A few days ago, I was researching the Guggenheim when I came across an interesting review for the exhibition “The Art of the Motorcycle” that ran there in 1988.

I was intrigued so I did some research, and here is what I found out.

The Art of the Motorcycle was an exhibition which featured more than 100 exceptionally interesting motorcycles. The motorcycles were chosen for their exceptional design and features, and their historical importance in the development of design.

An interesting detail is how the exhibition ended up in such an esteemed place as the Guggenheim. The director of the Guggenheim at the time was Thomas Krens, who was a real motorcycle lover. He chose some of the bikes himself, and was helped by other experts such as Manon Slone and Charles Falco.

Another interesting fact is that this exhibition came at a time when motorcycles had a stigma attached to them, and riders were seen as low-lives. This exhibition marked the transition from that – an end of the period of demonization and social rejection of riders.

It helped along the cause of accepting and reintegrating motorcyclists, and moved along the representation of motorcycles as something desirable and fashionable. It also celebrated the sport of riding motorcycles.

The end result is what we can see today – countless people riding motorcycles, numerous sites, shops, gatherings and expositions dedicated solely to motorcycles. Today the market for motorcycles is so big, there are even whole websites dedicated to motorcycle helmets such as this one.

The Art of the MotorcycleWhen researching the exhibition, I also came across the catalogue for it which showed amazing motorcycles all the way from steam powered velocipedes to iconic Harley-Davidsons like the ones we can see cruising down streets today.

As far as the rating of the exhibition, it was deemed a complete success. Enormous numbers of people came to see the exhibition, and the Guggenheim recorded highest ticket sales ever with more than 4 thousand people coming to see the exhibition every day, and over 5 thousand attendees on the weekends.

The total number of people went just over 300 thousand, which was a record attendance when it comes to exhibitions at the Guggenheim. Seeing how popular it was, many other venues started basically copying the exhibition, for example the Orlando Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Bilbao.

The exhibition also travelled, so when the total number of people who visited it is added up, it comes to well over a million, making this exhibition one of the best viewed in history. It was so popular that, for many people, this was their first and only visit to a museum.

The catalogue which I mentioned was also sold, and in remarkable numbers – until 2005, over a quarter of a million copied were printed which is the most of any museum catalogue ever. That’s additionally impressive since the catalogue is pretty large. It has over 400 pages of quality color print. It would definitely be interesting to get a chance to see something like that now!

The Importance Of Societal Preservation

The Importance Of Societal PreservationAs the world has continued to develop over the years, there are a number of changes that have been made in different sectors and industries as various concepts and the introduction of technology has molded the original ideas that had emerged from the initial societies that had set up shop in God’s green earth. There are many areas that an individual is able to look at when identifying the progress that has been made by the human race as a whole and one cannot help but be impressed by the significant differences that can be found in such observations.

Some ideas have come to life only to go into extinction and be replaced by another while others have maintained their grip on the global community and as a result have only developed and progressed in design as people find new ways of doing things. It should be noted that the aforementioned extinct ideas are only non-existent in practice but have maintained a place in the memories of the world. This knack for preservation can be seen as one of the more impressive traits of the world.

The ability to pass on information from one generation to the next has allowed for the conservation of past practices and traditions in the process giving the human race an idea of where they have come from and how far they have reached. Items such as guns for instance have not been around for a long time but the designs have drastically changed with the old models hardly applicable in today’s world where almost everything that is mechanically run has an automatic element.

Whereas in the past such relics (as they are referred to now) were stored in armories) the size of rooms, the introduction of the gun safe has ensured that every individual with the appropriate permits and other documentation is able to have a mini armory so to speak in the corner of their house somewhere (read more about gun safes here). Such changes would not be considered significant had the current generation had no idea of how things were done in the past.

The artwork that is stored in galleries today vary from different time periods with some paintings clocking almost a century in existence as others are being introduced to the world at this very moment. Artistes such as Michelangelo are celebrated to this day despite the fact that they lived in a time when not a single person who exists now was alive and yet he is still revered by the world of art as one of the greatest in his profession as a result of his works which are still put on display in various locations.

The importance of this habit for preservation that has been developed cannot be underestimated with regard to the role it has played with connecting the past with the present, nor for the role it will play with connecting our present with the future.

It is essential for the human race to hold on to this sense of preservation for the sake of the future generations that will come into existence. Such knowledge creates a bond that would have otherwise been impossible to come to fruition and expands the vision of the human race allowing for the appreciation of past, present and future efforts.

The Most Innovative Home Appliances

The Most Innovative Home AppliancesWith the advent of technology, our lives are becoming more and more comfortable! There are machines all round. From the time we wake up each day to the time we go to bed, we are being surrounded by machines. Innovative technological ideas rule the world at the moment!

In this article, we are going to go through some of the best home appliances that can change the whole concept of household activities!

  • Portable washers: This is one of the most useful innovations in the world now. A portable washer has a lot of utility. The best part about these portable devices is that these consume 90 % less water and energy. This forms a great alternative to laundry services, in the comfort of your home. Also, the spin dryers reduce the dry time to about 3 minutes. This, being a great space saver, is a great option for managing light laundry.
  • Portable air conditioner: For small homes with private housing rules, a portable air conditioner comes in handy. This saves space and energy, giving you the perfect home appliance! There are no specific window settings for these air conditioning units. These have wheels and can be carried with you wherever you go. All you need to do is place it in the room that needs to be cooled and your work gets done right there! However, you would need to install an exhaust vent in the window.
  • Vacuum sealer: A vacuum sealer will be your food’s best companion! How often has it happened that you had a lot of leftover food from the previous night and it had to go to waste? Well, the solution to this is right here! The vacuum sealer will effectively work out an airtight packing of your food items and keep them safe for a long long time, without hassles. All you have to do is pack the food in a bag or pouch and get it sealed. Sometimes, the pouch is placed entirely in the machine and sometimes only the mouth is sealed. These vacuum sealers will go a long way in making an airtight packaging of the food and some top ones can be viewed at Vacuum Sealer Hub.
  • Smart dishwasher: A smart dishwasher is of the essence here! This is a brainchild of superior technology. It is 35 % more efficient that the usual dishwashers. These give shorter clean cycles that allow you to work quickly. Some of the machines can even connect to the Wi-Fi and that is quite the innovation!
  • Smart fridge: After smart phones, come these smart refrigerators! Each of these comes with a number of apps on the screen. Some of these apps include temperature display, calendar, twitter, news and the likes. How many of us could have thought of having an internet-connected fridge in the kitchen? This eco-friendly machine is great for your home and the LED lights further help to make it energy efficient!

Each of these 5 machines is definitely going to make your work and life a lot easier at home!

The Beauty Of Wooden Art

The Beauty Of Wooden ArtWooden art has been one of the most famous forms of art and sculpting. This is not a recent practice; this has been going on since the Stone Age days. Wood is the most readily available material and is thus in huge demand. Wood became a rather popular material for man even before anything else could be invented. The plasticity of wood is what works to the interest of this art form. You can shape it any shape you want to and you are eventually going to get some amazing art.

Wooden art is being practiced in different parts of the world. Let us look into some of these.

African sculptures: West Africa has been a centre of artistic brilliance. This region is rich in arts and crafts. There are many tribes here that practice different forms of art. Needless to say, wood is a very good option here. Wooden art is mainly manifested in the forms of headrests and animal figurines. There are also masks and some other sculptures that have made African wooden work famous around the world.

Greek sculptures: If Africa is famous for its wooden sculptures, Greece is not far behind. However, Greek art is a mixture of Egyptian and Persian cultures. Painting and sculpting in this part of the world have been popular since the times of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. Starting off with mainly religious art, Greek art then manifested itself in different forms. Sculptures and statues form the majority of the art work here.

American Indian art: America has been a fan of artistic forms right from the time the continent was discovered in the 15th century. The tribal art in this part of the world based on wooden work is hugely reliant and depicts the cultures of the people here, the religious beliefs and rituals. Head masks, sculptures, pots and the likes are most popular here. Most of the art work now is done with the use of different machines that make wood carving a lot easier. You can learn more about them at Masters of DIY.

Oceanic art: Another art form that makes use of wood is the oceanic art. This is mainly the art form practiced in the settlements of the Pacific Ocean region. Because of the mixed origin of people here, the art forms also vary. Wood carving and sculptures are common in this part of the world. Add to that, shield, paddles, pottery and shields; this region emerges to be a great artistically advanced area.

These are only some of the various wooden art forms prevalent around the globe. Wooden carving is not exactly a very easy job to do. It includes different steps that need to be followed very carefully. The first step is choosing the appropriate wood, cutting the wood to reduce it to various shapes. This is then followed by smoothening the surface with sand papers. Lastly, to preserve the sculpture, wax, resin, or walnut oil is used.  In this way, we are able to obtain beautifully carved wooden art forms.

My First Sculpting Workshop

My First Sculpting Workshop

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a stone sculpting workshop. The workshop was held by Elizabeth, a friend of mine. She specializes in stone sculpting. I learnt quite a great deal from her on sculpting. Stone sculpture is the art of creating three dimensional and visually interesting objects out of stone.

The sculpting is a process where natural stone in rough form is shaped by controlled removal of stone. Due to the stonework being permanent, its presence can be dated back to some of the earliest civilizations. You can see stone sculptures in Egypt, India, and Greece and in Europe too. Rock engravings or Petroglyphs were the earliest types of stone works created by humans.  The engravings were done by pecking, incising, abrading, and carving the stone.

Stone sculpture includes monumental sculpture, which consists of larger works and the architectural sculpture, which is related to buildings. Carving done on semi-precious stones including agate, jade, rock crystal and carnelian, and onyx is another form of stonework. Sometimes mineral gypsum or alabaster, which is of softer consistency, is also carved to produce smaller art works.

While sculpting stone, you need to use proper safety equipment such as respirator or dust masks. Elizabeth recommended using a respirator for working indoors and while using rotary tools. She mentioned that sometimes she has to work for long periods continuously to get a particular work done. She doesn’t get tired however because she uses proper protein supplements purchased at http://monicashealthmag.com, which improves her stamina a great deal.

My First Sculpting WorkshopA face shield or good safety glasses are must too. Other protective tools to have include, steel toe boots and work gloves. You also require hearing protection, when you use power tools. Since the workshop I attended was for beginners, we did not use much of the power tools, but rather learnt the basic sculpting methods. If you intend to buy the tools, ensure that they are of industrial grade. Some basic tools to have include, masonry rod saw, rasps of straight type, and rifler rasps. Diamond and carbide rasps are better than steel rasps, while working on harder stones.

Other tools include files of straight type and some rifler files too. Chisels, which everyone associates with stone sculpting is used for working with granite or marble only. For the softer stones, they are however not needed. Elizabeth advised me to carve first on soapstone, before using the chisel. And sanding paper is another necessary thing to have. You need to buy both wet and dry. All the above tools are readily available in hardware stores.

I was however interested in the power tools. The power tools are for working fast and needed when you scale up your work and when you work on harder stone types. The rotary tools with foot pedal for controlling speed and flexible shaft last for longer periods, if they are of good quality. And there are the air tools, which are durable and versatile. You can use different sizes of angle grinders, polishers, sanders, engravers etc. But to operate the air tools, you need a powerful compressor.

Enhancing Art with Decor

Enhancing Art with DecorInterior design is something that has tremendous potential. The ideas for decorating are as vast as the world itself. I have collected some exquisite pieces of art during my travels, which, now grace my home, and are envied by my friends, family, and neighbors. While I’m not much experienced in interior décor, my artistic talents have helped me choose some really valuable pieces over the years.

While art is what people save for the last, while decorating, I’d recommend buying the art first and then plan the decoration around it. While not many would agree with this and some who contend that art is something that stands on its own and not dependent on décor, I maintain that art will take on a greater impact, when the décor supports your art. Here are some tips on making your art blend with the décor to give a stunning impact.

Line and color repetition

Adding artistic graphic images that are similar to the upholstery makes a space look more appealing. When you add brighter colored accents, this will not distract attention from the graphic art piece. When you repeat the color in the art, in the décor, the overall impact is multiplied. In fact, when you choose cushions or upholstery that are similar in color to the art piece you have in the room, it will add beauty to the art.

I have an abstract painting hung in my living room wall behind the sofa. In addition to having the sofa cushions matching the colors in the painting, I also have an aquarium with fish that match the colors. This makes the room quite colorful and bright, just what I’d aimed at. Although I had some trouble maintaining the aquarium, after I purchased the nice canister filters, my job was certainly less taxing. This repetition of lines and colors can also be done in other rooms, for instance, you can choose a dining table that has similar curves as the painting in the wall or add a floral painting to give a brighter touch.

Color balance

The color in the art piece should be balanced with the furniture. For instance, if you have a painting that has more of black and some yellow hues, a sofa in full black with yellow pillows will balance the art adequately.  When you add this color balance all over the furnishings, it will spread the effect of the painting in a more exuberant fashion.

Multiple art works

Several art pieces created by one artist or having similar style create a better impact. For instance, you can have the similar pieces at different walls of the room, so they balance each other and create a powerful look combined together than the individual art pieces could have created.


While where you place your pieces of art is important, so is placement of furniture in your home. The furniture adds elegance to the artwork and emphasizes the art more.

Another idea that I have found very appealing is placing mirrors in the ceiling or on the walls opposite, where you have the paintings, so they are reflected. These create a dramatic effect, with the painting seen in upside down and reverse positions.