Study the Stars to Learn Art

Ancient people of the world loved the night sky. They were fascinated with the points of light up there that seemed so unreachable. Since we now understand a lot more about space and the night sky, we sadly are much less fascinated by them. We don’t love the night sky as much as we used to. I would like to fix that; I have personally been inspired so much by deep space, the stars, and the night sky. Here are a few ways you can add character to your own art through the night sky. Good luck!

How Big It Is

We are so tiny compared to everything in the universe. Carl Sagan in his book “Pale Blue Dot” talks about how insignificant we are compared to the entire cosmos. That is scary to some people, but not as scary to me personally. Think about it; the universe is so big that your problems are so small compared to it. Stars die every day; light takes so long to reach Earth that many of the stars we see in the night sky have already died, but their light has been travelling for millions of years to get to us. That inspires my art. Our problems only seem huge. But is a bit of trouble really anything compared to the death of a star? The sky gives me a sense of proportion.

The Variety

Do you own a telescope? If you don’t, you’re missing out. Click here to pick one up from… It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. There is so much variety in the night sky, and it truly amazes me. The obvious parts of the sky are the moon and the stars. While those are beautiful, there is so much more out there. There are the other planets in our solar system. There are asteroids between Jupiter and Mars. There may even be a few tiny planets that we don’t know about in our very solar system.

When you look further out, there are nebula; gas clouds bigger than we can comprehend that birth stars over thousands of years. There are suns that make our sun look tiny. And there are other galaxies outside ours. Much of my artwork is space themed, because I find that I never run out of inspiration when it comes to looking at the night sky. It’s really amazing. Get a telescope from Like Hubble and see for yourself!

In Conclusion…

The stars are beautiful, and they inspire me. Few other things can make me so ready to create art than the stars and planets. But not all my artwork is space themed! Looking at the stars can remind me of other issues that we face as humans, like mortality and the meaning of life and that leads me to create different art. Everyone is different, and everyone creates differently. What will your inspiration be? What drives you to create? I want to know!