Visit Hot Springs for health

Visit Hot Springs for healthI had recently been back from a long trip, which had included some great hot springs. The weather back home was chilly and I felt like going back to visit the hot springs again. Though you find top quality pool heaters that keep your outdoor and indoor pools heated to your liking all year through, the experience you get with a natural hot spring is certainly beyond words.

Before the present day sophisticated spa treatments, those who wanted to enjoy the wellness benefits headed to the various hot springs that are spread worldwide.  You can see plenty of hot springs right from the Dead Sea region to the wild West America. Not only are the hot springs good for your health they are situated in such stunning spots that you get to enjoy the surroundings as much as the hot springs themselves.

The word spa originated from the famous watering spot in Belgium, Spa back in 1600. In the years since, the changes in culture have led the way for man to search for natural and mineral enriched waters for treatment of various illnesses right form joint and muscle aches and sinusitis to cosmetic skin care.

The spas flourished during the Roman period when thermae baths were built in places where the mineral springs were identified. As years passed, the hot springs grew into such big attractions that towns were built around them with wellness resorts established where people flocked on advice of their doctors who recommended cure for their illnesses with the spas. Here are some best hot spring spots you are sure to get a great experience in.

Banff Upper Hot Springs, Canada

Situated in Western Canada, this hot spring bathhouse is a protected Heritage site. Completed in 1930s, the hot spring was first discovered in 1882 by workers involved in the construction of Canadian Pacific Railway.  Two springs were found in the Sulphur Mountain base and the springs got their first visitors in 1884 from Europe. The hot springs located 5,200 feet from sea level are the highest hot springs in Canada.

Rich in magnesium, sodium, calcium, sulfate and bicarbonate the springs are said to have muscle relaxing and skin healing properties. However, even if the springs travel quite a long way from the earth’s center they are the hottest of the springs found in Rocky Mountains with a temperature of 104 degrees.

Ma’in Hot Springs, Jordan

This spa has strong biblical roots. It is said that King Herod traveled to this spring for treatment purpose. The Hammamat Ma’in springs are from the highland plains in Jordan. The water is from winter rainfalls. The water as it travels over the valley gets heated by underground lava fissures. Minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, hydrogen sulfide are found here and are great for deep tissue level massage.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Although there are hundreds of hot springs in Mexico, this site is the most famous and the prettiest too. The thermal waters here have been used by the natives for several centuries. But the baths and spas were built only in 1950s.